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Arashi/YG Ent. fangirl. Nino/Sho; GD/TOP biased.

+ Not very much of a blogger as I prefer to keep things to my self sometimes. I do tweet a lot though. ^^;;

+ Couch potato. Tv is my basically my best friend when I'm at home. I watch Fringe, SPN, Criminal Minds, Community, Parks and Rec, Go On, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Misfits and Sherlock.

+ SHIPS: Nino-Arashi. GD-Big Bang. House/Cuddy; Cece/Schmidt. Nick/Jess. Dean-Food/Castiel, Reid-Prentiss/JJ; Jeff/Annie; Troy/Britta; Olivia-Peter/Lincoln. Simon/Alisha.

+ According to the internet, I am an analytical thinker and an INTP. Always curious, usually quiet irl.

P.S. If you want to get in touch, do it on twitter. Check links below. :)

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